Account is Online but says Email Confirmation

As the title says… I have a few accounts that are saying email confirmation, but when I goto the accounts thru browser… they’re online. When I attempt to reverify them, they just sit on initizalizing… but yet again when I check the eb, its sitting there logged in.

Any solution?

Did you set your account to use only the embedded browser? If so, you just need to go to the account’s advanced settings and click Mark As Valid.

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Yeah try to mark them as valid if using EB. If not, then check status of your proxy. Cheers

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I usually remove one letter from the handle, and add the letter again, then verifying. That’s works for me most of the times this happens.

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@ossi - yeah, I have it set to use only the eb.

@Jaha - I think that might be my solution right there.

@Matta28 - I’ll give it a try if the last tip doesn’t work.

thanks for your feedback fellas.

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