Account Lock Today [IG UPDATE]

Hi Guys, I just noticed today that one by one clients accounts get account locked. It’s much sensitive than before. Anyone experiencing the same?

Temporarily Locked ?

Can happen for security reasons, not from any new update. Make sure everything looks good in his/your process, and try again :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. Just checking if any encountered the same like more sensitive… Normally I get temp lock from clients but not this rate… hehe

Indeed, one by one (in a short span of time) is often associated with fingerprints left behind… If it spreads pretty fast, just pause everything and look through your whole process. There’s probably a glitch somewhere.

I don’t automate clients accounts but here no TL on 6k+ child accounts

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@InstaBoostPH a few people are having the same issue on full EB, myself included.

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Hi, Oh… can you send the thread subject?. Im not sure what to type… What thread…

What is MP4?

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When the account gets locked it lowers the trust value. You have to lower your actions and earn trust again.
So, no actions for 24 hours after lock. Then do a proper warmup again.

People make the mistake by going straight back to full actions and wonder why they get hit with blocks. Its lowering the trust value more and more.

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Thank you for this

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Yes TL is back. I have been getting hit for the past few days. Even accounts with only EB are getting lock too.
May I ask what kind of proxy are you using ?

I just experienced it today…

Well I got like 30 / 400 clients accounts running of 4 diff PC.
It is all ways Friday that IG DEVs are pushing changes.

I more likely thing it is a security cautions than a bot detection.

Also around 10/30 account not on automation - got TL so I guess it is security breach on IG side.

I wonder what triggered the temporary locked issue on those accounts. Are they added and run on the same phone?

Do you encounter spike Temp Locks today too? They are in diff proxies yet i noticed spike of temp locks this morning.

Hello friend, you do not have them in Jarvee, and did you suffer TL?

That’s weird. Did they have anything that IG could use to relate those accounts?

I had a few accounts Tem locked as well a few days ago, make sure to verify them and then stop all actions for 2-3 days and start again very slowly, make sure to use low settings

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got tons of TL… any help here ?

who said it is related to trust score?

I personally can’t attest to this - we always resume accounts right where they left off after TL, and they very very rarely get TL again or perform worse than they did before the TL (unless there is a wave like there was in the last 24 hours).

Nonetheless, it’s always wise to start off slow as you said, particularly right after a TL wave which may or may not be over.

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