Account locked with virtual number (BIG TROUBLE)

I used to verify accounts on JV by GETSMSCODE. One day that account required EV which only send SMS code to Phone no. The phone no associated with the account I can see is a virtual number by getsmscode which was used before to phone verify that account.

Now I can’t login on that account to change the number or the api number verification not working either. It send the code to that unknown number to enter first or verify.
How to remove or enter that account?

have you tried logging in through phone? resetting device IDs might help (if done in J)
do you have access to email its linked to?

That account is lost, next time when you pv using a virtual number make sure to delete it right after. But, if your account is still on jv and still has the old number on it then just go to Social profiles menu open the account there and you will find the phone number then re use that number in getsms… and see if it works again.

YES I do have access to email. if i reset device id or even reset pass , it will again send a code to phone no. !

also same from phone app

i dont have that no. phone log changes frequently on getsmscode

then clearly the account is not linked to an email if it only shows you one option (phone)

its connected . because i can reset the pass even by mail/

Has you found the way? I’m with exactly the same problem now.

no man! the accounts considered dead atlast!
make sure verifying the email when you open the account or change the email to avoid these situation in the future! this is the thing!

I verified the email account, but is asking me to PV to a getsms number the account have 200K followers :frowning:

oops! that shouldn’t be! I faced only for not verifying as I guessed so far!
You can give a try if you acc is connected with fb.

unfortunately is not :frowning:

ooh, its scary now! :confused:

found a way ?

same here …

thats why you buy sim cards and not just per sms, buying a single sms verification only works for crash and burn method where you know you’ll get banned before any kind of challenge

If you still have access to that account from any other device try to remove the number or reset the account password.

You’ll probably have a chance of recovering the account by contacting IG support. There’s no other way.

Try to contact GETSMSCODE support and explain the iusse to them, they may allow you to get access to the phone number again

They dont. Already once tried @halloumi

You forgot to remove the number after you made an account with that.Remember this for the next time.