Account of toy brand keeps getting banned

So none of my clients gets banned, but there’s one that keeps getting banned. It’s a toy brand’s accounts, both banned accounts were years old, and I did less than 30 actions per hour and around 600 actions per day, only f/uf. The only thing I can think of is that we mainly posted product photos. Could IG see it as spammy or inappropriate content?

Are they the original manufacturer of the brand? If so you might want to reach out to instagram for verification

Yes they are. The problem now that I can’t even unlink the banned IG account from their Facebook, cause… its banned. But I’ll try the verification somehow

Some things that I’ve thought of recently to avoid this from happening in the future…

  • Proxy: residential or mobile only
  • PVA: did you ever have to phone verify the account? If so, did you do it or did the account owner do it?
  • Account activity: was there a chance that you were logged in to Jarvee at the same time as the client?
  • Account activity: did you give automation rests, use nightmode, alternate days, etc.?
  • Actions: try doing more than just f/uf --> naturally, this is SPAM type of activity, and I believe that IG is looking for users active on all parts of its platform. View stories, like comments, etc…
  • I use mobile proxies, ever since I switched to them about 2 months ago, I got 2 PVs in total across all of the accounts of my clients (these banned accounts weren’t among them)
  • I only warmed up the account, but no nigtmode or alternate days. I go 11.5 hours follow per day then half an hour rest then 8 hours unfollow then 4 hours rest
  • probably he was logged in at the same time the whole time
  • I haven’t done anything besides f/uf and post automation, wasn’t sure how risky other features are
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  • Why not put their accounts on mobile proxies then if you’ve had success with it? Just 2 PV’s across many accounts in 2 months is fantastic.
  • According to the automation software, those settings are probably fine…but we both know that if you were Instagram developer, you’d realize that this is an account using automation in 2 seconds. Just saying it’s something to consider.
  • This can risk the account too, but not if they’re just logged in without performing any single action. I mean…it’s still a risk, but minimal…e.g. how can someone be in PROXY LOCATION and CLIENT LOCATION at same time?
  • I think using other features is less risky. Just an opinion. On one hand you fear using more because you think it’s more risky. On other hand, using more features is also more REALISTIC to Instagram and normal activity as a user. If you just f/uf and automate posts, it doesn’t appear to be a real account.


Reposting is a VERY interesting topic as of late. Many people are having issues with that. Are you using campaigns or auto-reposting?

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Yes I use mobile proxies, but since I haven’t had problems with other clients, I thought it’ll be fine if this client stays logged in on their phone while I’m logged in via the proxy.

Reposting like reposting other IG accounts posts? No I don’t do that, only doing campaigns where I post my client’s own photos. But for the past about 1.5 months I basically only posted product photos (white background, and the the product), 2 posts per week. This might have triggered something that led to the ban of both accounts

Interesting…my suggestion. Have the client take short 3-sec video clips of the products with nice background. Use that as your posts instead of the images. I think what’s happening is that IG has already used its AI to auto-recognize the images that you’re trying to post and therefore even when you post them on the new account, it’s linking it back to the old account/s that were already banned. Just a thought. Based on the assumption that IG’s AI for photo recognition doesn’t work on videos.