Account Phone verification

When Instagram asks PV and you cant find the account on Instagram, is it banned?

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no, it has PV, thus it is hidden.


Dude, @mindeswx you cannot even PV your own accounts.

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Back on track here :wink:

Are you asking about phone verification, or phone validation? These are two different things:

  • Phone validation is where IG asks you to input a new phone number, where it will then send a code. Once you enter the code, that phone number will be attached to the account and be used for future phone verifications. This system is in place to prevent people from opening multitudes of dummy accounts, and you can get around this by using a site like sms.pva. Full disclaimer, I’m new to this service, some accounts worked, some didn’t.

  • Phone verification, however, is more to prevent you, the user, from being hacked. This is when you are given the choice between email or sms verification, and they send you the code to your email/phone number already attached to the account.

Having said that, which of the two issues are you experiencing?

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It’s not banned. When on PV status, it won’t appear on search results.

At least that’s what I’ve noticed when my own accounts are on PV. But they should be fine.

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Some misunderstandings have been made before, and now the problem has been solved