Account Repeatedly Disabled

Hello everyone. Im having a common problem with my account being disabled… here is whats happening: This account has 29k and is over 4 years old… I am using Raw Mobile proxies from @HenryCooper and I am getting disabled for the 2nd time now in about 1-2 weeks. I first get something small (such as a follow block) so i stop all actions for 24hr to play it safe, then once I check my account again I am disabled! Any Thoughts on this?

You might want to change up the account a bit and delete troublesome posts. I do not think it is actions related, but cannot rule it out for sure.

I also had another account with around 50 followers and low actions deleted the same day. They are not using the same IP’s either… Also ive been wanting to ask you. If an account get disabled on your Raw mobile proxies does it make the proxy bad? OR can it still be used on other accounts?

You can only make Mobile Proxies bad with heavy rotation cycles.

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…or bad bad settings.


If your content is recycled or spammy could be part of problem like Henry says. If it keeps getting disabled once you get it back let it sit for week and manually click around like, comment etc very little and see if the disabled happens.

Im reposting content with different captions. Could it be from repeated use of hashtags?? I cant see it being anything else considering my settings werent very high… less than 400 F/UF a day and no likes…

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When you mean disabled, is this the phone verification disable or is it disabled because “you violated the terms” and then have to have to work to get it back?

Violated TOS and gotta get it back.

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