Account shadowbanned due to usage of hashtags with million posts?

Hi guys, first of all I wanted to say I am extremely happy I came across this forum! It has so many interesting and informative topics that really help me in my day-to-day IG operations.
A bit about me - I’m fairly new to IG, have one account with over 2k followers and now just created a second one in a different niche.
The question I have is the following: I created my new account a few days ago and for my first post I used 20-25 different hashtags with several of them containing posts over 4-5 mil. The post did not seem to get any engagement or views (I have the business profile activated) and therefore I decided to check whether it appears under the hashtags I have selected (used my other account for this purpose). It turns out the post wasn’t visible/indexed for any of the hashtags I have added.
So the question - is it possible that the new account got shadowbanned due to the usage of such hashtags (with several mil posts)? Because I cannot really think of a different reason. There are no bots, etc. attached to this new account since it was only a few days old.

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Since you used such large tags, you might have gotten pushed down quickly in the tag feed.

Using 2 different tabs, first, follow your own account and search until you find it’s position, then make a note of where it is at. Go back to the account tab and unfollow it, then refresh the tab where the post is at and see if it has disappeared or changed positions.

Refollow and double check just to be sure.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I shall give it a try! Thing is that not all of the tags were large. It was a mix of large and rather small tags. A few of them contained only 17 - 20k posts and even for these my post was not appearing in the tag feed.

Or purchase @MojoJojo hashtag service. Im about to let him handle all my accounts.