Account Showing As Instagrammer in DMs - Deleted or Deactivated?

Yes, another one of those client has got hacked questions :wink:

Well, actually it’s a friend of a client.

She thinks she was hacked a few days ago as now she can no longer loginto her account and its using User Not Found.

If I go through my client’s messages and search for her she does appear, but then quickly it changes to Instagrammer and shows an empty account when I click on it (but still shows her verified tick). Would that indicate it’s most likely deactivated as opposed to deleted (or at least in the deletion stages!)

She did recently move country so a long shot would be that she can’t get in because it thinks she’s the hacker from another country, but I think I’m just being overly hopeful there!

Appreciate any advice!

Give us more info. How can’t she get in? Incorrect password? No access to email/phone associated with 2FA? 2FA details changed?