Account suspended what to do?

My client account suspended, and i don’t know what to do and will be happy to help.
I try to send email to Twitter but It’s been a week and i still waiting to answer.

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If you contacted Twitter already, then you can only wait and see what they will say. Did they point out why the account was suspended?

Probably the only thing you can do at this point is to be persistent, to contact them multiple times, and to be patient and wait for their reply.

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Thank you for your help,
They didn’t specify why, I have access to the account but I can’t doing actions like follow/unfollow etc…

thank you,
You know how long they usually answer?

so you mean that the account has actions blocked and not a total suspension, right? can you share some screenshots of the issue so that we can have a better view?

Hey Luca,
Thank you for your help!
This message appeared when I doing actions like : follow/unfollow/likes/share etc…
We try to change password but we still get this suspended message

Can you re-verify the account by removing the username and re-enter it then click verify account and see what staus the account will show on the social profiles tab.

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Luca Thank you very much for you help!!
the re-login working!

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Hi, I have one account same issue like you. how you can unlock your account bro?

Were you using this same account outside of Jarvee or you just use this account Jarvee? If you are not using the account on a proxy, try to login through regular browser and see how it will go.

hey i don’t get it when you said removing the username and re-enter it then click verify account. can you clear it for me. sorry I’m noob in twitter

Luca was referring to the verify account option in Jarvee.

Try submitting this form.


yes as Ossi said you should remove the username from here No1, re-add it then verify the account No2


I think this is becoming a little confusing.

If your account is suspended on Twitter you need to contact them, if you can`t log your account/verify it in Jarvee then do the above.

Maybe the title needs to change?

@jas May be just a bit more patience with us, people with English not being our native language😁

Understand - apologies :blush:

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