Account Suspensions on Instagram: What's the Real Issue?

My Instagram Child accounts faced suspension.

I have set up conservative settings for my Jarvee follow tool, running it only once since a few minutes after running it one account got suspended so I had it stopped but accounts kept getting suspended since. Additionally, I have solely utilized the Story Viewer tool for the past four days, yet 9 out of my 26 accounts have already been suspended, while the remaining 17 accounts, even with limited activity, require frequent re-verification. What factors contribute to these account suspensions, and how can one ensure compliance with Instagram’s guidelines to prevent such issues?

I’m a first time Jarvee user and I’m still quite adapting to information but I would very much like to get your insights about this so I can then run my scrapers safely without being suspended most of the time

There are lots of factors that may influence suspensions.

Account quality and origin: Ie are they handmade in the same country as you run the proxies on or bot made with poor fingerprints.

Proxies: What kind of proxies are you using? How many accounts per proxy?

Actions: Are you warming up? How many story views are you doing?

Imo jarvee is very hard to do mass story views compared to other bots. The api calls needed to do 2000+ likes a day is a lot and that is the required amount to get lots of follow backs.

Most mc people rely on f/uf as the backbone.

But I would look at account quality and proxies to see if they are the issue.

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Currently using mobile proxies - 15 slave accounts per proxy (Currently have 2 proxies)

I did warm up - started with 500 story view for 3 days - then I gradually increased to 500 more per day since.

Also using EB and not API

I did the follow tool on my 3rd day warm up - set it up to 18 follows per day (2/hr) then that’s when issue started. Don’t think if it’s a proxy issue though since I still have several accounts running (just doing story view)

Is there any ways I can do to see if it is a proxy issue? With all the guides I read I should have been on the safe side when I set up the settings for Follow tool

Lastly - accounts most likely bot made and purchased on marketplace .

Hi @heroeslair thanks for always replying and trying to assist everyone. I did notice your presence in a lot of posts related to IG and Jarvee.
We usually buy accounts on which I believe isn’t the best place to get accounts from and it may indeed be partly the problem we face with account verification. You mentioned IG accounts made with poor fingerprints. Can you suggest a reliable source of IG accounts that would fit our purpose?
We are yet to test AI-made IG accounts. Fingers crossed.

And lastly - regarding proxies - we use UK mobile 4G proxies. That’s about everything I know about them. Are there any services or tools that would allow us to test the quality of proxies? We are currently operating blind as we don’t know how to test and see which proxies are good and which aren’t.

Would appreciate any advise!

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I think you need to look at how the accounts are created if they get verifications so fast.

Yeah his accounts should work. If he has handmade ones they will work better.

A good supplier will have different fingerprints, IPs etc on every account made. The key is to test. I would avoid the russian sites for child accounts. They may have good scrapers though.