Account Taken in scam how to get back

Hi my I recently lost my dance account with 150k followers to this scammer:
He did some elaborate method using that I had never seen before.

I gave him the login to the instagram and email and he changed them immediatly I did this because he posed as a mediatior from

I was able to get access to the email back somehow and I was able to change the password back on the instagram. but he enabled two factor authentication so I need a code on his authentication app to get into the account now. So basically both of us are locked out of the account right now.

I contacted instagram from the form it gives you on the authentication app. and provided the original email. and any other information i could provide.

Any suggestions on how to get my account back? I hate scammers I was seriously just trying to sell my account to someone i thought wanted it. What is wrong with people in the world.

Well probably the only method is to confirm to Instagram that you own this account - I would do the same thing that you did. I hope you will get it back. Don’t have words for this guy…