Account with phone verification

Is there a way to get around the FB phone verification? I was warming up a user, and they have the phone verification, now. Anything I can do?

Nope, you actually need to to the phone verification, that’s why they have it :slight_smile:

hmmm, ok, anyone know how to do it? my phone number is already assigned to another account, can one phone be used for multiple accounts?

Should I just forget this account?

no you can’t have the same number on 2 accounts, fb doesn’t allow that. as for how to verify it, try and do the steps they ask, click to receive a sms with a code, if it works and you receive it you can recover it, if not, you can 1.let it go 2. go through the very hard path of contacting fb and asking for help…

Do Google Voice numbers work for this?

they worked around a year ago when I last tried, but it was too big a hassle to switch between all those accounts so i got some sims, that takes less time. Getting back to what you asked, I am not sure if it’s still working, give it a try if you have a google voice number and let us know, or maybe someone else did this recently and knows the result.

ok, I tried with a GV number, and it worked. So, if people need that in the future, it works to verify accounts.

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damn thats weird my GV numbers wont work for PV , going to try again to see if it works.