Accounts are suspended after updating profile & catchall IMAP

Accounts are getting suspended after I edit the bio & username & profile pic & email although I verify them at first and those are all marked as valid. What do I miss?
Got a Gsuite email for a catchall but it seems like I can’t set it on the MP. Any idea how to set IMAP etc with Gsute domain catchall?

I’m very beginner so I’ll be happy if you can help

How did you make the accounts? if you bought them, how were they made?

bought them, made with bots, 3 years aged, they are completely new with no posts etc
thing is I can verify it with email and phone and connect it with mp but when I want to edit the profile and save it suddenly it starts to ask for email verifications & captcha blah blah again and it ends up in accounts being suspended due to suspcious activities

Better make the accounts yourself! Its not that hard. I faced this problem as well when i purchased blank accounts. Not all of them but a few of them always got captcha

Making the accounts yourself, you dont have to edit bio, profile picture etc on MP

I’m not sure. What if I use 30 accounts, it’s huge number. There has to be people who automate it

If you dont have the time, then may be get custom accounts done for you with specified usernames and profile pictures? People do that.

Unfortunately, the problem is the re-profiling (editing bio, changing profile pic, changing email, etc). Even if you do one of these things, Instagram will think it’s spam. In addition, if you re-profile a lot of accounts at once Instagram will also group the accounts together as spam. You want to warm up the accounts for a couple of weeks before you can even re-profile.

I recommend creating your own accounts so you can do all of this at creation.

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What @BigJ said is correct.
Re-profiling has always been an issue.

  • Use the App where possible
  • Use the Website as the second option
  • Keep it slow, real slow. Only change one thing and see if and how long it sticks
  • Don’t do multiple accounts at once/in quick succession if they use the same proxy/device.

I don’t think that’s accurate. If you’re using different IPs at different locations, properly spacing them out so you’re not editing them all simultaneously and using different information for each account you should be fine.

The accounts are probably the bigger issue. Idleness hurts an account more than age helps. A 3 year dormant account that’s never been used is most likely a huge red flag. I’d also be skeptical that a never used before account is actually 3 years old or has never been used. I’d look at that account history closely to make sure they aren’t recycled accounts.

Nowadays in my opinion it’s better to use fresh new accounts rather than old idle accounts. While aged accounts are good, if they haven’t been maintained they tend to cause far more problems.

A lot of the recommendations I’m seeing in this thread are seriously outdated…I’d focus more on the accounts you’re acquiring first before worrying about the reprofile process.

Changing all those at the same time is very risky, to say the least.

This is true, but I’m assuming he did it on one IP since he said he was a beginner.


I’m beginner with MP but not with proxies lol, I literally set it perfectly

On your next attempt, I’d recommend changing all the bio & contact info first. Confirm the email address, run some actions for a couple days and THEN change the username…or if the username is important do that first then everything else a few days later with running some actions in between.