Accounts banned. Phone number is the key?

Recently I got 2 ig accounts banned, and seems like the choice of phone number when doing PV is very critical, any advice?

1st account:
this is a scraper account. I use 1 phone number to do the PV for all my 5 scrapers, it was working fine until recently 1 of it got banned. I stopped using that phone number to do PV, but seems like too many accounts sharing the same number is the reason I got banned. Any ideas on the limit? It’s difficult to get unlimited supply of phone number when I try to scale up

2nd account:
It’s a marketing account, setup around 2 months ago, recently got noticed by FB to link up the ig account with facebook, done it. And then, got the PV request, as the phone number saved is not in use anymore, we used a brand new one, then account banned.

2nd case is bugging me a lot as before the PV everything seems running so smooth, normal F/UF actions, no verification at all. until we linked up with facebook and suddenly PV popped up, and the worse is account banned as we used a new phone number.

Maybe I’m thinking too much of the phone number issue. Anyone got similar issue and found out the root cause?

Really scared to open a new account right away before figuring out…

Firstly you have to figure out what the first cause was for the PV.
Was it a pv or a captcha? Are you using a proxy? Are they all on the same ip?
How much are you scraping on that account?

and yes I noticed when I was creating my own accounts that any accounts linked to the same phone number had more of a chance to die than others. So, I switched to 1:1 but eventually just started to buy aged accounts and added emails and had less issues.

proxy in use and 1-2 account shared the same proxy

i was more wondering about the mother account’s death, as i am using aged account, added email, linked with facebook…

Which is the mother?
2nd account is doing f/uf so not a mother account, just a main

One phone number per account is the only long-term solution if you want to use phone numbers for your accounts.

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What kind of IPs are you using? Often the reason for frequent PVs is IP changes or maybe much traffic was sent from that IP and IG just considers it as a suspicious activity.