Accounts being disabled when posting

Hi all,

Newbie post.

Does anybody experience having accounts disabled when posting content? The posts are being posted to accounts from 1 day to 1 month old.

The photos have the ‘hard’ unique imagery before posting and each caption has spin syntax so each caption is unique in some way.

I have had a strong account with around 2000 followers go just because of a post.

Also when my client had posted on their wall that too ended up with the account being disabled.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks everyone!

Did you re-posted or posted own content?

Do you automate this account or manual management and posting?

More than likely proxies are flagged.

I remember that being an issue almost a year ago. Post images as video, and it will prevent you from getting banned.

You’ll need to clean the megadata, change hashes, and rename every photo before posting it. Especially if you’re posting the same photo on multiple accounts. The unique imagery is sadly not nearly enough.
Good luck!

Even that wasn’t preventing accounts from not being disabled when posting in the past. Even when images were ran thru batch purifier and advanced renamer. That was the reason they added the post images as video feature to jarvee. I wasn’t aware that it was still a problem though.

If you changed all the data, it’s pretty much 99% the proxies. Posting as video is only necessary with bad proxies in my experience

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This just happened to me. I wanted to test how irresponsible I could be with the reposting tool. I practically made no changes to the original post and caption, and I tagged the original user. It took about two weeks to get blocked.

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It’s a proxy issue.

Try this: post the same images on another accounts without the spintax and see what happens

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Not sure if you were doing IG last year around this time, but that was around the time when it originally became an issue and they had to implement post as video. Even on proxies that were fine for everything else.

OP: There are plenty of old threads on the topic. But those are pretty much your opinions. Post as video, or have fun testing proxies.

I think it’s a proxy issue… When I used to use proxies(I used buyprixu) it happen to me several times right after I posted or the mp was skipping posting. That’s one of the reasons I decided to move all my clients to a management company with actual phones so there’s no issues anymore thank God :blush:

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