Accounts getting suspended. (Settings screenshot inside)

Hi, I use jarvee and my accounts getting suspended.

  • I am using only the API.
  • only follow/unfollow tool.
  • 4G Proxy
  • 10 Scrapers on 1 Account
  • 136-140 Follows/a day
  • Soft warm up settings


After following, Jarvee likes the accounts last post automatically. besides this; none of the other tools are working.

Most of the API calls are being done via Scrapers. I think am pretty much working by the book?

What could be wrong here?

Our support team has responded to the email you sent us. For issues on the future, it’s best to reach out to the support team first since they are available 24/7.

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Thank you. just answered.

Only suspicious thing for me would be the 140 follows PLUS 140 likes. Maybe reduce likes to 10-20%.


I would definitely start slower with the daily limits and then if noticed that everything goes fine, then would start increasing them slowly.

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plus he only performs follows/unfollows… that alone is already suspicious for IG, that’s why it’s better to use other tools as well to make the actions look authentic :wink:

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Hi jessi - but does that take into the 140-150 actions quota??
so say u use 3 other tools, then it will be split 4 ways?
40f, 40likes, 40 views, 40 stories etc

No, the number of actions per day varies per tool. What I mean is that other tools should be running on it too so it’s not easy to be tracked by IG that the actions were automated.

Why are you scraping with your main accounts? if the scraping is done with scrapers then you do not need your mains to confirm the user’s have a following between 5-1000 or have a profile picture or anything else. Just use your mains to follow users, also use all the tools at Jarvee disposal with lower settings to look more natural. Also, do not follow users everyday have your accounts rest at least two/three days per week with random rotations.

just take away the likes