Accounts on rotating proxies

I’ve read a lot of things that say a rotating proxy can SAFELY have around 5-15 accounts on it. But why can 1 rotating proxy not have a few hundred accounts on it if the proxy is always rotating IP address? If the IP is different for every account then why does it matter? An explanation would be greatly appreciated!

If one account does one action on IP#1, then 1 hour later does it on IP#2 and so on and so on. I think its a red flag. No normal person moves to 10-50 different locations / day. But if you have hundreds of accounts doing 1 action / day, sure its possible. But then why have hundreds of accounts doing 1 action instead of 10 accounts doing 10-20+ actions each?

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It can but actuation across your accounts must be unique. Really unique.

Ip is not different for every account

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i do it with mass dms and don’t have a single problem :slight_smile: every 5 minutes the IP rotates.
10 accounts / mobile proxy - 50% of the accounts are able to send 500+ messages

So from 5 accounts you’re sending about 500+ DMs daily? Are you able to use the accounts ever again or that’s it, you send 100 DMs and the account just gets compromised and you move to the next? Asking because 100 DMs/account is allot to do daily as far as i know.

40 DMs per day for each accounts. 500+ total

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Do you DM your followers only or to anyone?

non followers