Accounts per IP VS Accounts per proxy

Hello everyone,

I always had this question in mind, and decided to post it to get a final answer.

My question is, when members in the forum say “you should use X accounts per 1 proxy” do they mean to run X accounts simultaniously on 1 IP address given by the 1 proxy server OR do they mean to run X accounts per proxy and that each one of them must be ran on 1 single IP address, while the others wait till the IP address rotates and changes for the next account to use.

I always found this a bit confusing since this is my first time trying mobile proxies.
I got a smilar experience where I used to buy 10,000 IP addresses a month that change constantly and specified 1 acc per 1 IP address while all accounts run simultaniously cuz I had abondance of IPs at the same time, which is not the case for a rotating mobile proxy that allows only 1 IP address at a time.

Hope I described my question right!

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Its usually up to 5 per ip if its a good ip like mobile or residential. Because IG allows this. But if they all act in the same way then ban.

So if the proxy rotates this makes there more opportunity for accounts. However the more ips the account rotates through the more likely it gets red flagged as its suspicious.

The main things is human like actions. If all accounts are spamming dms then the ips will get hit fast and so will the accounts. Those 10k packages are usually used for spam and not things like mother child etc. Usually dc proxies.

So it can be a small amount or a large amount. Just depends what you are doing and if they are all doing the same thing at the same time

I cant tell you how much I do. But its less than you think.

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I don’t know if the option of “rotating proxy via link” already exists or not (correct me if I’m wrong), but I guess it will be the optimal solution to the problem you listed.

You can set your bot to run each account (or each X accs) on one IP address at a time. Once it finishes the set of actions settled in the operation, the bot rotates the proxy by sending a request via the given link to get a new IP, then, it can jump to the next batch of accounts. This way it’s possible to set 5 accounts running on the same IP at the same time, and none of your accounts will have to switch through many IPs in a very short period of time.