Accounts per Mobile Proxy

How many (client) accounts can you use on a mobile proxy?

I read some people say 5, others say 10 and Jarvee says 2-3.
Anyone here with much experience on 3G/4G IPs?


I only put 1, wouldnt riskt a clients account

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That’s so expensive though with mobile proxies… :flushed:
Even when creating your own.
I would need one data plan for every client

5-15. Although you’ll only know after some testing. :blush:

Its not that expensive if you are asking for a flat fee of 100-200 usd a month

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even if it was $10 a month per account and you were making $50 per client… you are coming on top and not risking someone account, dont be greedy

Trusted mobile proxy provider?

Btw…if it’s for a client’s account, make sure to use mobile proxy nearby the client.

Otherwise, you’re hurting him more than helping him in terms of account risk

It will hurt more if you get a clients account banned than expending the money in quality 3g mobile proxy

This is debatable. I do always try to have an IP near the client, although many people here will use mobile IPs from Europe for USA clients and haven’t had too many issues other than an initial PV.

Not having issues doesn’t mean it’s safe :wink:


Instagram is awared of outsourcing to tier 3 countries. Using different ips locations will not trigger bans. Atleast from my experience.

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Theoretically speaking it’s dangerous. You’re IG hunting for people doing automation. Sticks out like a sore thumb when someone is using their mobile proxy in London but then 2 hours later using their mobile device in California. Don’t you think?

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In theory, yes. But we live in reality. Maybe one day it will become more of an issues. But I don’t think it will result in bans, moreso just PV waves. Just my thoughts.

It’s preferred to use as close as possible to the client. But yes, I agree generally speak.

Who do you guys use for mobile proxy provider?

Own sim cards with a gateway and an automated python wrapper for verification.


I am not greedy.
But you won’t find a mobile proxy for $10 that is just used by you.

I create my own mobile proxies.
Cheapest data plans are $17 per month for me, then add the resources you need to set everything up.
The costs for VPS and Automation Software.

If you charge $50 and you pay social insurance, VAT and taxes like you should you will not earn any money from that business :sweat_smile:


What do you mean with a 100-200 usd flat fee?
I have SIM cards with about 20 usd for unlimited data for each SIM card (=proxy)

I mean that if you charge your customers 100-200 usd per month you are fine paying 20 usd a month for a mobile proxy