Accounts Temporary locked

I have 5 accounts in JV running on a mobile proxy which i host myself in my second hand phone. I don´t do f/u no other actions i just post feed and reels.
I am getting bombarded in account verifications PVs EVs.
Sometimes I use the business suite to reply to comments or DMs.

My question is what is going on is it only me or this is happening to everyone ?

I don´t think is my proxy.
I have the same link in bio in all my accounts can this be a problem ?

Maybe i have to rotate the proxy in my phone, need to enable/disable airplane mode automatically, anyone knows how to automate it in an android phone ?

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usually I get 1-2 PV/week on my 90 slaves. last 2 days, I got like 20+ PVs. I haven’t changed anything on my end so seems to be a verification wave going on.

I have turned on all accounts and i found a way to set up the macrodroid to enable/disable (keeping it disabled for 20 sec) airplane mode every 70 min. So the ips should be rotating now i will try this month and check how it goes. In the last 3 days everything seems fine. Would the link in bio be a problem if it is the same in all 5 accounts ?

Are you making your accounts or buying them?
I am finding that account quality is the most important thing atm.

Account quality is the most important thing.
Many people think russian 4g proxy is bad, but if you use russian phone no create ig account, 1 russian 4g proxy manage 24 ig accounts by api, work well, better than eb.
work well 2 years.

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Api never works for me. Just get lots of PV and EV. Can’t handle it aye

it is easy.
i use russian 4g proxy, your 4g proxy 100% better than russian 4g proxy

Yeah I use my own proxy but it still prefers EB.

I have created these accounts myself using a 4g connection and they are more than 16 months old some are even 2 years + old

It is supposed to work i agree with you but this is why i am asking i get this EV and right now i just got another one. Accounts are only posting not doing any other actions