Accounts that should be banned from the Like Exchange

I wanted to create a space here where we can identify and block accounts that should not be in the like exchange.

I came across one my agency’s accounts liking photos from this account.

So let’s create a block list starting with this one:


Please update this thread with any other accounts that you come across that are damaging for our accounts’ reputations. I will update the list above as we go.



Who would use an account like that anyhow?

You mean you don’t want this account liking your posts? I can’t imagine why at all! :rofl:


Feel bad for whoever has to photoshop those penis lines in every crotch shot.


Haha yeah, but the thing is I don’t think this account is giving likes, only receiving. It looks like who ever is running this one has slave accounts giving the likes and the main is receiving them. I just don’t think we want any of our accounts liking posts on this one or anything adult/sex related.

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Ah, I misread/misunderstood. Didn’t notice that it was on the receiving end. :joy:

Which like exchange are you talking about ?

This one?

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this is for the Jarvee like exchange

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To be fair, you shouldn’t use your own high value accounts in the LE, just create some really good looking ones and use those. Generally I use them for scraping etc as well.

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Yes absolutely. We don’t use client accounts anymore - but still, I think the LE would be improved we if didn’t have accounts like this receiving likes.

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I thought you could choose who promotes what?