Accounts without a proxy through VPN

Hello everyone,

I am using a VPN to run 15 accounts on JVE
Just wondering-
If i use a 4g proxy on 10 of them can I safely leave 5 accounts to run without a proxy? Just through the VPN IP?

Does anyone do this?

I am trying to avoid having to buy too many 4g proxies as its costing me $150 AUD a month for each dedicated private 4g proxies. 5 accounts I run are personal not client accounts so I am finding it hard to justify the extra proxy for the accounts that aren’t bringing me in any $$.

Also, does anyone run 10 accounts on a 4g proxy using the method - 5 accounts at 12 hours each? Or just run 10 accounts straight without any issues? Trying to find the most economical way to run my accounts on 4g proxies while still keeping all accounts safe.


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Buy a cheaper proxy :slight_smile: Why are you so overpaying?

Running 1 accounts via your VPS IP could be an issue as it’s like Data center and soon or later IG will punish you!!

At least try to use different DC IPs for each accounts and see ho wit goes!!

You can find cheaper solution!!

This will depend on many factors as the proxy location as well!!
In most of case 5 accounts max at the same time should be fine!!

This should be good!!

But for client management I would suggest some Mobile proxy 1:1 and you can find good one here!!

Or better if you can manage to get residential Proxies from the same location of the client this would be the top!!

For your accounts you can still find cheaper option but 5 from a VPS IP is just asking for ban, I will think twice before doing so!!

Each proxy is costing you $150…? If you are running client accounts (aside from your 5 personal) I would run each one individually on it’s own mobile proxy. Not expensive to do so as long as your service is hopefully more than $4 per month.

I run every single account personal and client on its own proxy. Everything is an investment and the price per proxy isn’t more expensive than justifying your ip being blacklisted and no longer in use.

Yes- I am asking myself the same question :confused:
I cannot find cheaper… or perhaps I don’t know where to look.
I cannot find 4g proxies located in Australia (where most of my clients are) so have bought 1 USA to trial. I am trying to replace my current DC proxies.

No need :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advice!

Clients are AUS based but cannot find cheap Australian proxies so am trialling 1 USA one. I cannot seem to find a cheaper dedicated 4g proxy…


Write to them, maybe they will help :slight_smile:

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I think you can find some good residential Proxies with Australian IPs and it’s the best option for your case!!
Regarding Price and quality @HenryCooper has good reputation here, for mobile and Raw mobile proxies!!

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Ohhh of course!
I read this the other day but only understood this properly when re reading now.

But can they not track where the actions are coming from… how will only logging in from the location make the difference?

Yes, well at $150/ month running 1:1 just wasnt an option for me!

I have been told that HC proxies are not private and the number of accounts on them are not disclosed so cannnot be guaranteed safe to use?

Thank you,

maybe I will look into some AUS located residential proxies.

I’ve been extremely satisfied with his proxies. I have clients from all over the world and everything has been working very well this month!

what ones do you use? Raw mobile or simply mobile? and are you able to perform actions via API?

I am unsure the different tbh.
I know that I am the only ip for the mobile proxy I purchased… I am guessing that is raw?

I am only doing actions via the API (like/ comments only), but super slow settings at this stage and only for one account.

I tranferred all my other accounts over to FL on DC proxies running also very low until I work out best proxy to use to be able to put back on JVE and start increasing again.

Not raw just mobile 1:1 and API until blocked then EB

yes I have that checked for all actions

From my testing, if the accounts get blocked in API there is something wrong, either the setting, proxy or account trust score!!

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