Just went on the site of one my usual account providers Accs123 and the whole website is down and shows a message of “account suspended”.

Either they didn’t pay their hosting / domain bill or that was that for Accs123

hasn’t that guy been mia for a lil bit now?

or was that a different site/guy?..

On the forum yes but the website was still going strong

Oh ok, no clue what happened then.

Their domain is OK, either it’s the Instagram “Cease and Desist” wave, or a hosting issue. Or both.

:::furiously removes Instagram from any and all posts/commentary/website"

How do I control+H MP social? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

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try this —>

::::furiously adds Instagram back to everything:::

Don’t get why though?

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The took part of the domain name out, probably sold it.

Old was accs123

New is 123accs

Two separate services :slight_smile:

I said “google is down” and @Jojo693 told me “use yahoo” :slight_smile:

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didnt know that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Didn’t know that either. Back to the corner for me.

Damn it, now was my time to drop a quick meme on you, but nothing good comes to mind lol

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I’m sorry to intrude with a newb question, what is the quality o 123’s accounts?

Maybe someone ddos their site and caused it to be suspended. By competitors, or buyers who lost shit tons of accounts.

Accs123 was among the best in regards to account acquisition.

But their service seem to have dropped since a while ago. They responded slow, dropped paypal, and their aged accs runs out of stock all the time. Not to mention, I had some batches of accs that are bad enough to have PV upon login and double PV.

Notice they dont even respond to their BHW thread anymore. And the suspend was 2 days ago, someone said link not working at 18 april. Which business allows their site to be down for even 2 days, let alone 1 second?