[✅ Accshub.io | Premium Accs] Instagram PVA US Fully Profiled 4G Accounts + Facebook Bridge


Our Instagram accounts have been created by hand-made by our dedicated team.
We use those accounts for our own projects however, we see an opportunity to expand our revenue sources due to the demand for this type of accounts in the market.

For easy login - Use USA Proxy to login to those accounts.

Account brief:

  • 5-15 Words BIO
  • Human Avatar Profile Pic
  • 2-3 Random Posts with captions
  • Phone verified (US)

:stop_sign: (Choose: USA Instagram PVA Facebook Brdige)
:stop_sign: => BUY HERE

Please make sure to contact us ONLY via the links! avoid chatting with the wrong person.

Account trust score
We are well aware of how challenging the Instagram algorithm is @ 2021. For that reason, we use Residential US IPs + Facebook bridge to create our accounts and we emulate mobile footprint in order to gain high trust score from IG Machine learning.

  • Gmail Access (+Recovery domain.)
  • Facebook Access (User/pw)
  • Instagram Access (User/pw)

Delivery format
Gmail Address : Recovery email : Gmail pw : Facebook user : Facebook pw : Instagram user : Instagram password : Phone number : Facebook profile link

We don’t provide recovery email access - please make sure to change the gmail recovery address or remove it by yourself once you logged in.

It’s highly recommended that you won’t login to the Facebook account that we used to create these accounts - It might lead for a red flag. Facebook is too strict when you login from new device and fresh IP and if the FB Account get banned, it might lead for your Instagram account BAN! in simple terms. This package is only for IG+Gmail so keep that in mind, Thanks.

Refund policy / 24 Hours Warranty
We offer a FREE replacement only if you can’t access to our accounts. once you are logged in - there is no warranty.
if we failed to deliver what we promised as advertised ; we will refund / give you a free replacement.


Creation Process

Sales thread approved. Good luck!

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sorry, but the paypal doesn’t work, i can’t pay them via paypal or credit card via Paypal

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Hi, We are currently upgrading the Paypal checkout. you can pay with BTC / LTC / ETH.

Paypal will be enabled within a week.

What’s the benefit of a Facebook bridge? Does that help the trust score even if the FB account you are using is not PVA, or is it? If the FB account is PVA, why are logins not suggested?

Cause Facebook is more strict then Instagram. you might risk your Facebook account get banned if login from a different device. and since it’s created via Facebook it might affect your Instagram account too.

Processing orders

I am interested in buying 100 Twitter Accounts. Using proxies from proxy6 1acc/proxy on Jarvee.
I already run 100 accounts but I think your prices are cheaper. 0,70 per Twitter PVA (made 2012) with confirmed email…I will use them for 20-50 following/30-50 liking/DM new followers and of course changing profile with bio/picture/URL

By the way I cannot pay with crypto

Hi there, would you like to pay with paypal?

Yes but I need to know what quality that is. I bought from my seller on skype before for higher price and accounts were 1-2 years old PVA and registered in Russia or India . I need to make sure the connected emails are checked and working in case there is a PW reset.

We give a guarantee of 48 hours that the emails attached to the accounts will be functional or we will refund / give you a replacement.

ok but you dont resell them right`? I mean if a PW reset happens after 2 weeks you say the emails might stop working?

how can I pay with paypal/card…I tried yesterday and say not working

Also how fast you deliver the accounts to me after payment?

Twitter PVA 2012 is 5 USD.