Accurate Shadowban Checker?


A client of mine was shadowbanned from hashtags, and reached out to me about it. I told them the possible causes, and they wrote back that they used a shadowban checker from and it told them it was their use of the hashtag #Easter

Now I haven’t tested it, but aren’t shadowban checkers not effective? Anyone every hear of this one? I like that they aren’t blaming me for the shadowban, but I don’t know how accurate this is.


It’s like the other one, it doesn’t work.


Well glad it “worked” at getting me out of that conversation.


I get emails about this everytime one of these popup. I always check and they are never correct. It’s a cash grab based on fear. I usually make an example to send to clients.


10 out of ten times they simply don’t work. However its a sneaky ass way to get coverage for a page – be it landing or promo…