Accused of buying followers and likes

I run a page in the fortnite niche that has 17.5K and whenever I make a post the post always hits explore page and accumulates likes between 13-15K and 1000+ comments since my post has call to actions, now I was brought to the attention by someone that offered to buy my page that they messaged a bigger fortnite page and they said I bought followers and likes just because a few of the likes are from india or some thing like that. I can put it on my mother life that I have never ever payed for no form of likes or any such thing and stuff like this pisses me off. I checked the page of the person with the bigger fortnite account, they have 200K+ and gets 7K-9K likes per post. I am seriously wonder if it’s jealousy that is making them make the false accusation. I have no control over who likes my post if it gets on their explore page. This pissed me off today


Yes, it’s jealousy. Who cares? Block them and move on with life.

I’m jealous of everyone who flies past me with growth while I crawl by at a snails pace, even with shitty content while mine is “ok,” so I can relate to being that way but you just have to ignore it.


Don’t take it too close to heart bro, a lot of mad people writing some stupid stuff nowadays haha
Internet gives them such a possibility and they use it, no less no more

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If you were buying that many likes and comments it would cost you a fortune everytime you post. I don’t know a panel that can offer the many likes…

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why ya pissed over a stupid thing like that?


True, I don’t know why I am pissed. Maybe because he sabotage I was about to sell it.

ya mean there are no more buyers? yeah i would be pissed to. there goes your selling career :slight_smile:

lol, good outlook. Thanks

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Maybe that was a hidden sign that you should keep the page and go on growing. With such an engagament I would also think about monetizing it instead of selling it. You can earn much more with that long-term. Especially now since growing accounts doesn’t get easier obviously I would prefer keeping the account.

You don’t have to care about that! There will always be people jealous of your success! Keep focusing on your account and let it grow to surpass your competitor’s one!

If I was in your place, I wouldn’t sell the page. With every post hitting explore page you’ll grow fast.

I am having problems monetizing it, so might as well I sell and focus on my bigger projects.