Acount With Lots Of Followers and Not Follows - Why?

There are lots of accounts that have a lot of followers and no or almost no follows. Clearly they are using follow/unfollow and their ratio follower/follows would be very high. My guess is this is meant to be good for the Twitter algo in that someone is really popular without having to be following lots of people. And maybe that helps the account but I am not sure.
Anyone got any ideas if this helps or not?

Don’t think it helps with the algo. Just looks special when you have many followers and follow so few

I don’t think neither. Trending tweets “with your followers” and then “in Explore” is what helps the algo.

Their tweets are probably of a high quality within their niche

In recent years, social media platforms have been actively working to promote genuine engagement and curb spammy practices. Accounts using follow/unfollow tactics could risk facing penalties, such as reduced visibility, restricted reach, or even account suspension.