Action Block August 2019

Hi everyone!:slight_smile:
I read a lot of comments about follow, like and comment blocks and I’m myself experiencing this frustrating issue this month.
I have never used any app to increase the number of my followers, I just accepted and added a lot of people recently, but since August, 5 I can’t follow a single account.
Can you guys please tell me whether this follow block is temporary or not, how long can it last if is temporary, how can I try to be unblocked and if the theory of the 6000 monthly follow limit is to be considered or not. It keeps me saying " try later " but 17 days have passed and I don’ t know what to do…
Anyway I created my account 10 months ago.
7580 followers and 1450 following.

You need to test and find some settings that work for you, thats the only way it seems because its different for every account, someone get blocks even doing manual actions on phone and someone claim they dont get any blocks and do up to 200 f-u per day. JV announced some upcoming update in few weeks but i personally dont believe it will solve anything.

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I don’ t even know whats JV is and how I should find how aggressive my setting were ahahah
So it’s temporary, but how long one should wait changes from account to account, am i right?

Hey there i was in the same boat my block lasted about 24 days all up


Please close this topic.
New people instead of using the search option or see or read most of the threads from May, they prefer to immediately post a new post.


I’ve read 139297 comments so far about this topic but everyone here and there says something different, so I just asked for general information after the mega wave of blocks and nobody here has the right to tell someone else to post or not to post something. If you don’ t want to join the discussion you simply don’t join it and that’s it.

So you never used apps or even bots to follow/unfollow, only manual? How many have you been following each day on average?

something doesnt add up here.

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Not even used an average of daily follows/unfollows
I didn’ t use my phone for two weeks in July
On July, 23 I switch it on, accepted a lot of requests, followed people who sent them and until August, 5 I’ ve been just accepting and adding.
I read that people who did it manually like me got action blocks, and okay, but 17 days is too long

From now on it is not a theory for you, my friend. You proved it. It is a fact and the only thing you should do is to wait. The block is temp. and the reason is - too much follows during the last 30 days. The longest I’ve had - 35 day block after 4th of June.

I’m agree.

Oh, really?! Cool! :slight_smile:

You are as happy as I am? :slight_smile:

As for me, this guy came here with good news - not only botted accs have issues :slight_smile:
So I still keep a small hope for IG to do less limits


@MojoJojo another follow block thread? :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Guess the solution is on the threads already as you know.


I also wanted to add it but I say. Mojo will verify this: D
It’s best to add a new post because I want quick answers instead of searching and learning something new and at the same time broadening my knowledge: D
But he read 1,000,000 so he knows better

I will write to you in a moment that he has been on this forum since 1692 and has only registered now


Omg hahahah I really don’t know why you are arguing about this
You can simply don’t open the topic ahahah okay then close it

Actually, I answered you already above. If you don’t want to read the forum, read at least your thread.

The reason is that “theory” about 6k/30days and the only thing you need to do is to wait.
You can also wait AND read this amazing forum, but I feel that it won’t happen

Please stick to one of the already opened threads on this topic.