Action Block for a week?

Hi, yesterday we started getting action blocks, with a 7 days expiration date, on some accounts using slow setting.
The block includes comments, likes and follow. all generate the same message.
would love your thoughts on this, how common is this now?

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How did you know that the block would last 7 days

I uploaded the pop-up message to the post

sorry for being dumb
for some reason it didn’t show on my tablet
i have like block but have not had any messages


What proxies are you using for the accounts that received these?

residential proxies

how many accounts on the same residential ip?

have these accounts ever been on a data center proxy?

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Try to change from residential proxies to mobile.

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I feel as if Instagram is watching and adapting to us, that small change in wording is so STRONG.

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Can you post with that account?

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Hopefully it at least means they’re holding off on straight out banning accounts for botting, which would be an unmitigated disaster.

one per proxy.

one of them can’t post texts - can post media without caption.

that’s pretty odd, but the other can post media and caption?

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Please stick to the main action block threads and don’t open new ones on the same topic.