Action block on Jarvee but on my phone works?

I’m running Jarvee since yesterday with less then 150 actions per day. This morning when it started again it says I’m action blocked but on my phone I can follow, like and comment without any problem. What should I do?

are you using EB or API? try lowering your settings then re-login accounts.
you should not do actions manually on your phone.


I think EB, i’m not really sure how can I check it?
I can’t even do actions manually when the bot is sleeping?

You can go to Social profiles and then click on that account and then go to Show advanced profile settings. It’s best that you use either EB or Full api emulation combined with Scrapper account method.

Ok I managed to put only EB but what is Scraper account method?

I highly recommend you to read the tutorial that goes with jarvee. It will help you alot.
Remember to warm up your accounts and read some former threads here to get hold of some basic settings in order to avoid different types of blocks as much as possible.


API and EB will always block

Have you tried changing Jarvee’s user agent and use a custom one that will emulate your device?

You can find it in the advenced settings. It’s the field Embedded Browser UserAgent.

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the scrapper account will be used to find users to follow or posts to like/comment.

just add another IG account in Social Profiles tab. This tutorial will help you understand the method better.


For now I’m trying to see if I don’t get blocked using the EB. I will look up for this one too!

Thank you very much!

Anyone been able to add an iPhone and did it work fine?

I guess iPhone UserAgent doesn’t work since Jarvee only emulates Android phone,

Yup, iPhone user agent will not work with Jarvee.

Thanks. Hopefully one of these days we’ll have iPhone emulators on JV.

Finger crossed :joy: