[Action blocked] 5 accounts on same phone

So, I will cut it short not to waste your time.

I was unfollowing people from one of the accounts on my phone and I got prompted with Action block message. Switched accounts to live my life peacefully until the block is up and I tried to like some posts from the other account. Action blocked again. Same for the other 3.

Watch out for this. It is the first time I come across such a thing.

have you tired putting airplane mode for 2 mins?

Same phone = same android ID = flag = you are in trouble.

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i am not doing automation. i was just unfollowing people at normal rate. s*it happens. worked with putting the phone on airplane mode. they are all my personal accounts.

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This makes sense since you are doing actions from the same device ID, and IP address. Even with manual actions, it’s better to use different devices and proxies to avoid getting action blocks on all of your accounts.

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