Action Blocked - JV only

Hi guys,

We have this new thing, for us, in a few accounts, tested with and without proxy (Home based JV).

Accounts work with not issue on the app and in a browser too. (all in the same IP)

JV does 8 follows and gets this. Screenshot from EB in JV (we opened to see the error, because we were getting blocks all the time)

Any ideas how to solve it? Reported to JV, no answer from them.


Yes I am seeing this to some of my accounts too!
Sometimes clear cookie and clear error notifications will fix it. If still not fix you will have to rest the account for 24 hours. Most of the time it will work again.

I have also found after an account get this block, it’s very likely for it to get AC

This has been answered multiple times.

Jarvee emulates the IG app, but not 100% … so IG is able to tell when you’re doing actions thru Jarvee, hence limiting them.

EB is not emulating the IG app. it’s just a mobile browser. And please share the posts where it was answered. Thanks!

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so the follow is from EB? jarvee EB has many thing different for example they hide the webrtc…

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Unless you have selected to only do all actions in EB, which would in return disable alot of other tools, then yes the api is still being used behind the scenes… and only follows, likes, comments, story views are thru the EB.

But who is better i think using eb only is better than api also does jarvee have made their "big update " or still not ?