Action blocked likes and unfollow

Hello, before you expose my problem, excuse me for my english i use the translator…
Since Saturday I have had this message appearing when I want to unfollow and like.
I manually do the actions like follow unfollow and likes.
I respect the limitations I do 200 actions per day. 50 actions 4 times a day.
My Instagram account has 78k and it was created in 2018.
This is my one and only account and I have never used automation

I translate the message that appears: we limit the frequency with which you can perform certain actions on instagram such as assigning a Like in order to protect our community

Thank you so much for your help

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Do you use automation or you’re manually performing those actions?

I recommend you to stop liking and unfollowing for 2-3 days and then try again and see if blocks will persist.

I do it manually.
yet I have never been beyond the limits.
how is it that I have this blockage ?

You don’t necessary need to go beyond the limit to get a block. If your trust score is low, you’ll get block before, sadly.

Only rest and proper warmup will make it again

how can I prevent this from happening again despite being careful?
3 days off and which warm-up do you recommend?

manually or automated, blocks will definitely happen when growing an account even if you are careful and have the right set up, let the account rest then do other activities with it, like comments, view stories, comments, likes, Random actions try different stuff that will make the account look natural then you can do follow unfollow stuff.

Stop all the blocked actions for a couple of days and then try executing the same actions but go really slow for a couple of days and then start increasing them slowly.

Try logging out, then logging back in. I think you should do fewer actions at a time, so instead of following/liking/unfollowing 50 accounts in one go, do the actions on 10-20 accounts every 6-8 hours. If it works well for your account without any block, you can increase the number of actions little by little.