Action blocked on all 5 accounts on my phone

A little update from my side as well.

A few days ago I started performing some actions on the blocked account (it got unblocked eventually) and it was ok till I tried to give JV anoher shot, because I haven’t really used it for a long time.

So I added the account to JV and bam - blocked immediately without any actions. I thought that the problem is with my account again, so I added my colleague’s account with a mobile proxy (he’s never botter, but he’s pretty active on Instagram, meaning liking and commenting on posts, no growth intensions) and after the first 5 follows he got blocked as well, and that’s the first time he gets blocked. Note that I have let it rest for a day before attempting any follows. Then I added a third account with residential proxy and the moment it got verified it got blocked too without any actions performed.

Any ideas here?

Bad proxy maybe?

Have you considered connecting JV to your home or actual residential IP, just to see if any changes takes place?

Or. Maybe on your mobile data connection.

I don’t believe it’s a proxy issue, tried more than 10 different already - private, mobile/4G, residential, including home IP and mobile data and the result is exactly the same.