Action blocked on all 5 accounts on my phone

Hey guys,

I’m managing 5 accounts on my phone, all of them created on the same device. I’m not using any automation software for any of them (only the oldest one was running on Jarvee for a couple of years, till the mass block wave last year basically) and I’m only doing manual actions - follow, sometimes unfollow, like, comment and DM. Actually, I haven’t touched 2 of the profiles in weeks I think. All accounts have been created at different periods - the first one is almost 4 years old, while the newest one was created yesterday.

Here comes the fun part. A few days ago I overdid the actions on my oldest account (comments and likes) and got action blocked for a week, no surprise here. So I decided to let it rest for a while and created that new account I mentioned a little above. I uploaded a profile pic, switched to creator account, changed the name and put some bio on it and decided to follow 2-3 relevant profiles till I prepare the first post. That didn’t happen, because the moment I tried to follow an account (verified one) I got action blocked, and that from the first ever action on that brand new account. Then I tried a couple more actions with no success as well.

I was even more surprised to go back to the older accounts and see that all of them were also blocked. I thought that Instagram has either flagged my device or IP (or both), so I logged out, then logged back in, then I switched devices but this didn’t help either.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Was there another algorithm update the last few days that I’m not aware of?

Appriciate your help!

Action blocks can be device bound, and action limits can be shared by all accounts on x device, meaning it’s very possible that an action block on your old account may have lead to new accounts being blocked.

This isn’t a normal scenario, I’ve never come across it, but it may have something to do with the fact that you’re trying to do actions on new accounts while you just action blocked your old account.

Have you tried doing actions on a pre-existing account?

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Yes, I have and the result was pretty much identical.

I’ve also heard of theories explaining that a device could trigger blocks on other accounts, but never experienced it on my own. At some periods of my IM journey I’ve been managing up to 200 accounts (not all of them on a same device, but up to 5, just like now) and I never had issues of that kind, moreso I’ve been using automation before. And even if I had similar cases, switching the device (or reseting the ID) and/or changing the IP/proxy usually helped.

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@mark3t3r welcome to the MPSocial community. If you stay active and helpful you will reach level2 soon enough :slight_smile:

You basically linked all your accounts together. That is one of the reason why it is really risky to outsource “growth for the client” because you never know what mistakes the provider does. Sometimes they think they outsmarted Instagram and the damage will be visible months or years later (remember, those links won’t go away. So if in a future policy update they decide to punish that “permanently” you will eat a really bad lemon).


@HenryCooper Thanks for the warm welcome, and for the tips as well. I’ve been actually using your proxies at some point when I needed them and I can tell you I was pretty happy with your service, so cheers to that!

To be honest I’m not interested in offering growth services anymore, at least for now, but it’s good to know that even on manual actions on that few accounts Instagram could block and actually flag the linked accounts. Definitely not fair, but it’s part of the game I guess.

And there’s certainly a logic behind what you said. That old account that I’ve been automating once is clearly not forgotten by Instagram… Times change and I remember with a smile when we were able to follow/unfollow thousands of profiles daily without any issues… Good ol’ times.

corrently some strategic works better than MF/ML in “good old times” but need private software and special accounts…

If you want to do everything manually - better to try TikTok.

Way to many actions on one device. If one does many with one account the other accounts WILL get blocked to. Wait until the blocks are over and slow down or stop actions. I got 30 plus of my accounts on one phone and all I do is post . FYI you can do unlimited saves but that’s about it.


This is just how Instagram works these days. I’ve had that happen on my phone as well, with old and new accounts that haven’t touched any automation, but other accounts on it have. Instant regrets, but if you only have one phone and want to create/use an account on it, sometimes that’s your only option. Actually, come to think of it, I had that exact scenario happen with a new account - did even less actions and was given a 24 hour, and then a 7 day block after it expired, all within 48 hours.

It’s a shame that they’ve become so restrictive with actual device use, but I guess automation (and US politics + spam) are the cause of that. Our own worst enemies so to speak. Really though, Instagram/Facebook do not care about user experience at all, it’s 100% about protecting themselves from government interference and making money through advertising, the user is at the absolute bottom, we just exist to fulfill their investors fat bank accounts.


Yes we have a client who has 4 accounts with us - all created on one phone/operating on her one phone.
It is block city. She refuses to put the accounts on different devices and its just non stop temp blocks/hard blocks. At this point I let her know that we can only grow one of her accounts - I am not convinced that will stop it as she is still active with the other 3.


Thank you all for your answers! It’s a real shame they’ve became so restrictive and to that degree. I remember I didn’t have any troubles using 5 different accounts on one device and I most certainly used to do way more actions than now. But that’s enough on the old days topic. Now it’s different and the only thing that hasn’t changed is their greed, like @ian said.

@Green123 I don’t know if you’re talking about master/slave or story viewer or another method perhaps. I’ve been using these 2 for quite some time and even though they’re good to some degree, they’re not comparable to following 1000 (and respectively unfollowing another 1000) users with a good followback ratio daily, at least from my experience. TikTok is a great platform with gigantic potential and we’re yet to see the best of it, but I’m really not into videos, whether they’re short or long.

Tomorrow or even Friday I’ll try to move one of the accounts to another device again and hopefully this would solve the issue to some degree.

  • Big tips for you to not get device-blocked anymore on your phone : do not run more than 2 accounts simultaneously (at maximum speed, daily limits).

  • You need to test things, this is the only way you’ll still be able to do some IM around. Otherwise you’ll get AB / AC / PV / EV / Disabled, and so on…

How do you want to run 2 accounts simultaneously on one phone?

By simultaneously, i meant during the same day * Sorry for misunderstood :grinning:

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It’s totally random to be honest - You can get blocked with 3 accounts on one device and you wont get blocked with 7 accounts on one device.

You can easily go all 5 profiles F/UF in one hour - Tested/Proven on a monthly basis.

But once you get hit with one hard block - rest all accounts for a day and sign out the blocked one.



@denis1 Is the daily limit shared between the 2 accounts on your device ? I mean if the daily limit is 150 follow, should i do 75 follow with each account, or am i able to do 150 follow per account on the same device ?
Thank you

No, you can max out your actions to 200 with both accounts :slight_smile:

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Def kinked all accounts by being on the same phone. I noticed recently that if one of my accounts was blocked by someone, then all the other accts also non that same phone and added to the log in are also unable to view that account. That’s never happened before and must be new and shows how IG can recognise when accts are linked on shared devices?

Anyone experiencing an action block without a specific end date? My scenario is this: I have been manually growing my 30k account since the first couple of waves of action blocks last June/July. My account even got permanently disabled at one point in which it took me a couple days and emails to get back. Anyways any time I have been action blocked in the past it’s lasted anywhere between a day to a whole week. Recently the newest action block I’ve been hit with has no end date mentioned in the pop up and its been well over a week now.

Any suggestions to beat this?

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change IP and browser(or Clear data instagram) you will be able to follow again… if you have a home router turn it off wait a few mins then back on.Check that the IP has changed

Would try contacting their support, if I were you.

A buddy of mine got into a similar situation on, however he just emailed them and after a few days the ban/ block was lifted, as he was following the rules.

In any case, seems your IP has been blacklisted, so if the support option does not work, you’ll have to switch it up and most likely start over again :frowning:

Also, I’ve only just scimmed the answers, but there’s a guide on how to deal with Instagram blocks here It basically says the same thing, but maybe will give you an additional insight or two.

Hope it goes well!