Action Required: But no action really required

I’m getting ‘Action required’ on some of my accounts, and when I check them… there is nothing wrong with them, they’re sitting idle online waiting.

I’m using api full emulation. Any idea how to stop this from happening? As its stopping the accounts from performing when they shouldn’t be.

You need to logout from the embedded browser if it’s logged in

1- Go to Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram and check the option “Do not use embedded browser to login …”

2- Go to Social Profiles < Actions < Edit < check ‘Show Advanced Profile Settings’, scroll down and hit Reset Device IDs

3- Verify the account

The account should go to ‘Email Confirmation’ status, verify via email using the red checkbox "If you have problems with email verification loop…” and then click “Verify via Email” button, check your email and get the code then verify using code


The accounts aren’t logged in thru the embedded browser. They’re running only on api.

Yes i know, that is why i said “if it’s logged in” sometimes users log to their accounts from the EB just to check on them, make sure to try what i suggested and see how its goes.

I need your help i am facing the issue of intimating the Accounts. after restet the device. this is staus did not change to email verification. pls guide us