Action Required.. but no actions necessary

I get this on alot of accounts… and when i check them, there is nothing wrong with them. alot of times it happens when its attempting to sync. ive disabled sync on all accounts… but does anyone know whats causing this to keep popping up?

Do you mean the account goes back to valid after you click verify account button?

I had two accounts with action required this morning, then I got Email Confirmation status after i clicked verify account.

both accounts are used for syncing.

Where is that happening? You are getting Action required status in Social profiles but in Embedded browser, account is logged in?

It’s says Action Required, but when I click verify it goes to Valid. When I check the account in EB, there is nothing wrong with the account… no verification or anything.

I have had this on a few of my accounts too. Not sure what causes it but I have not had it in a week or two.

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