Action required - not showing on EB

One of my slaves has this status, but I can login via the EB and all seems fine.

Can I find out what the action required is? I’ve had emails asking to confirm my email address but nothing else.

I could click “verify account” on Jarvee, but the last time I did this the account became disabled and I have no idea why.

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when in the EB everything is fine, just verify the account.
Should be ok after that.

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I had a similar issues. I verified the account in the EB and then removed the account from Jarvee and then re added it.

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The EB didn’t ask me to verify anything, just to login.
When you remove and re-add the account to Jarvee, do you lose all statistics of what Jarvee has done with the account?

Unfortanetly yes, mine did dissapear as it readded it as new account. Maybe their is a way to add the data saved in the appdata folder for the account but I haven’t tried this.

Did this and it’s valid now :slight_smile:
Would be nicer to see exactly what is going on that letting the API do everything behind the scenes though.

Good that everything worked out. Whenever i got an error in jarvee i first check in the EB what its about for real.

Since the last update my MP is looking like this:

  • 140 accounts with “action required” status

  • Once I verify them they get back to valid state

  • After some time of being as valid they get back to action required even though they are all just fine when I use the EB

Does anybody know if this is just a temporary MP bug or it’s a bigger issue than this ?

Have you tried checking the “use alternative cookie storage” option?