Activity limit between accounts

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I run 12x accounts from one phone and log in and out to switch between. I have noticed that sometimes i will do a bunch of activity (likes for example) on one account and then log into another but get blocked for activity almost right away (as though instagram is counting all activity across different accounts as one) how is this possible? do other people have this problem? do i need different phones?

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First, you should use different proxy or vpn connections when you log in to those accounts. I recommend 3-5 accounts per proxy (it worked well for me, maybe others would suggest less).
Second: they can detect not just your IP address (what you can hide with proxies), they are also able to detect the unique ID of your devices. So when it’s not crucial, I log in to my accounts from an incognito window in Chrome (with proxy). It’s harder to track a browser than the Instagram app on your mobile.


Thank you thats super helpful! I generally try to stay away from logging in on my browser as its more limited, but I could do this for likes. t

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It’s not really limited as now. Only thing what you can’t do is read and reply DMs. For a while you can even upload photos on the mobile website. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome @Vega_may . Good to see you on MPSocial as a new member :slight_smile:

As @bwbalazs mentioned , you should really start using proxies . On top of that i highly recommend to use bots for your Instagram operation . It will make your life much better and gives you opportunity to new ventures . Message @Adnan if you are looking for bots . He tested most of them and can recommend you the right tool for the job .