Ad account banned more than a year

Hello everyone,

Early last year, I tried facebook ads for my very first shopify website. It’s the first time that I was trying out facebook ads, and somehow it got banned without the ads even running. I’ve got a feeling it’s because of a .xyz domain (first time buying a domain at that point of time).
It’s been more than a year now and I’ve been contacting facebook support through the disabled advert account help option.
But well the only reply I keep getting is "Our records indicate that your payments account was disabled because it violates Facebook’s terms of service. In the interest of protecting our users, we cannot confidently re-enable your payments account at this time.

Thanks for your understanding,"

Does anyone know how I could solve this actually?

Nothing you can do stop wasting your time , a better option is to open new account and add new payment method .

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Alright thank you.
If I get a new card but it will be the same name. Would it be a problem?

,There will be no problem as long as you are using a valid card

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Thanks man! I will try that out :slight_smile:

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