Ad Account IG: Buy Aged Vs Make from scratch

After my recent ban from facebook because my profile wasnt warmed up enough and i head straight to FB ads,

It got me thinking, if i were to run ads on IG(also it would be my main biz account, so no botting), would it benefit me if I were to purchase an Aged IG account, rather than making a new one?

Also would one that is made geographically near my location he better rather than one say is made in a different country than where I would be using?

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Mostly yes and yes.

The location part is 100% sure better if the ip you use the account from is the same as the ip location where the account is created from. But it is not mandatory.

The aged account part though, these days you must be sure that the account you buy is delivered with the same email address as the account is created with. Also, accs and all those other Russian ones put your trust score to -10 so to say, especially if they are not the original emails of the accs.

So the best is aged with original email created nearby your IP/proxy location. Or just newly created accs with a Gmail email address for instance. But account creation is a “profession” these days, it’s not easy but doable. You need HQ res or 4G proxies to create them.

Hope it helps!