Ad account was disabled without ever posting an ad. Extremely frustrated and stuck

Hello everyone, thanks for your time. I am hoping you can help me understand what I am doing wrong and how to resolve the array of problems I am facing.

I am trying to start my own SMMA, I created a FB business page and business manager account that was linked to my personal page. After trying to set up an ad account FB immediately disabled my ad account saying I am not allowed to advertise because of a violation of their terms and conditions. I have never ran a single ad from my personal page or business page before so I don’t understand how I could have made a violation.

I created an ad account for my personal page first with intentions of using it but never used it because I realized I needed to build a business page to use for ads instead. I also disabled the personal ad account after the fact.

Also to make it more annoying my Instagram business page got shut down because it was linked to the FB business page that was disabled. Even though when I go to the page info and the Instagram tab on my business page it claims there isn’t a business linked to it?!?

So at this point I cant delete my business page from the business manager and can’t create a new ad account either. Basically completely stuck on that business manager account.

I created a new FB profile completely and made a new business manager account from that but I am terrified to link my business page to it or to create an ad account since I don’t know what I did wrong and don’t want it to just happen again and be in the same situation.

Is it possible to just use the new profile to run ads from that or am I required to have a business page? Should I avoid using my business page since its already been flagged for some reason?

I have tried to appeal the decision since I have never used the account for advertising I am confident I did nothing that went against the conditions but have gotten zero response. It seem like their support is basically nonexistent.

I have been living it Asia and travel full time so I am always using a VPN if that could have had anything to do with it?

I have put so many hours into this doing research trying to solve the problem and am just continue going around in circles… Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Sorry to hear this. Did you receive an email or pop up from Facebook themselves justifying their reason for disabling your account? Not even a email?

No, I didn’t receive any type of notification at all. I found out it was disabled in business manager.