Ad breaks on Facebook

As some of you may have noticed facebook is implementing a monetization system which will be more or less similar to YouTube’s monetization system. You can add Ad breaks to your videos (videos must be longer than 3 minutes) or Pre Rolls for Watch Channels and earn money.

I generate about 200 million video views a month with my network of pages but couldnt into the ad break programm yet. Is there anyone here who already has it and can help or is there any MCN, which helps you to get into the programm for a rev-share?

I would be very grateful for any advice.


What the fu…:joy::joy::+1:

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Today, the majority of younger spend their time on social media site. Facebook also is and video sharing and information broadcast site. Facebook update their feature like youtube news feed. Facebook News Feed provides a great opportunity for publishers and creators to reach their audience, drive discovery, and start to build deeper connections for their content.
Ad Break on Facebook is updating news feed and advertising to improve the distribution of videos from publishers and peoples. It called video distribution or video monetization solution for advertising Strategy.

I dont know how you get in on joining the Ad Break Partner program… it seems like a numbers game. So having your number of views makes sense to go for that:

“The publisher that projected $264 for every million video views on Facebook said it expects $2,200 for every million video views on YouTube. For them, a Facebook video view is essentially worth 12 percent of a view on YouTube.”

“Sources expect the ad breaks product to remain a slow burn for both Facebook and publishers in the program. Sources said Facebook is still cautious in terms of how often it delivers an ad inside an eligible video. Based on its internal numbers, one publisher estimated that Facebook is only serving ads inside one out of every three video views that are eligible for an ad break.”

According to this article i linked below, they’re still testing it:

Advertisers are still waiting for Facebook to deliver benchmarks for a successful use of Facebook ad breaks.

"For publishers trying to make money with Facebook mid-rolls, it’s still a volume game and the platform remains volatile as some videos can capture tens of millions of views and along with it, a decent amount of revenue — while others bring in pennies.’

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Is there a certain requirement you need to fulfill to implement this?

message me, ive worked with ad breaks in the past


im working in adbreaks for now… and fully experience… dm me if you want to collab.