Adding Emails Automatically With Jarvee

I just bought 100 Scrapers accounts without Emails and also 100 GMX Emails.
Can I use Jarvee to add them to the scrapers accounts automatically?

Yes, you can go to Social Profiles tab, select all your scraper accounts, click on action on selected profiles, and choose Edit Profiles. A CSV file will open in Excel, just paste those emails in Email Column, save the file, close it and press Yes.

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Thank you this!!! I was just asking the support for the same question :joy:

Anyway to also add the email and password in bulk to the IMAP too?

You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, you can add your email login details, IMAP server and port in these columns when you edit the CSV file in excel:
EmailUsername, EmailPassword, EmailServer, EmailPort

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While you can add them, if you get a temporary lock which i when you will need the emails, IG would usually ask us to verify the original number/email that was used to create the account and not the current email! Just a headsup.