Adding emojis on captions in bulk [CSV]

Hey! I downloaded a lot of pictures from Internet, bulk renamed, and made a csv file:

At the end of each caption I want to add emojis (love, heart, etc).

Do I need to do it on Mass Planner like:
[FILENAME] {:smile:|:smile_cat:}
Does anybody knows how to do it in bulk?


Using Randbetween & vlookup function, here ss:

@guntoroid It worked! But how to add any emoji?
Or maybe I can do that in Mass Planner:
[FILENAME] {:smile:|:smile_cat:|:smile:|:smile_cat:}

Yes, you can do that.

Just set up column and row (orange background), and edit randbetween with min number and max number …

Yes u can add spin text on csv

excuse me could you explain me how did you add the location in bulk? :slight_smile: and you did it manually the renamed of the files?

I was wondering if there is a way to Translate captions in bulk?