Adding new IG accounts

How are you guys efficiently logging into new client accounts? Every time I first try to validate an account IG raises a flag and I have to do two factor authentication or I have to manually log on to the account and hit the “This is me button”. Are there any settings I can play around to avoid this problem?

Best practice for me is to warn the client that he might get such notification in IG and have them notify me once they have.

If this is not possible I would send them a confirmation code via mail/SMS. Logging in to your client’s accounts from your own device might leave a fingerprint that chains all the accounts you are managing together, You wouldn’t want that.


Simply warn the client that your are going to login and for his/her security they have to send you the code since the two factor authentication is enabled to help him/her against the “bad guys” :call_me_hand:

Ok thanks for sharing!