Adding several accounts on a raw-mobile proxy

Hi Mpsocial, I´ve been reading this forum for a while and you guys are just amazing. I´ve set up Jarvee, bought proxies and everything is coming along nicely. Next up I´m going to buy raw-mobile proxies and grow accounts, but I just can´t find any info on how to use them. I´ve been searching around for a while but there is nothing on how these proxies actually work. I´m really trying to not get spoon fed but I don´t know what to do :confused:

Do you just add the proxy to accounts in Jarvee and then it handles them by itself? Or do you need to somehow set it up yourself? If I´ve understood things correctly you have to set it up so each account perform different actions at different times around each other?


Ask anything you want as long as it is a specific question, you will get help here :slight_smile:

Basically yes. You will assign accounts to proxies via the proxy manager.

When you are new, I would recommend to run 1:1 (1 account per proxy) until you can confirm that everything runs smooth.

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Thank you for the warm welcome!
I already have a few accounts up and running smoothly so I do feel ready to expand and try raw-mobile. So basically all I have to do is buy it and put all the accounts I’m growing(10) on the proxy and everything is ok?

I’ve seen people mention that you can have more accounts on a raw-mobile too if you’re skilled. Is the idea behind this that if you mess up an account the ip gets flagged and all the accounts will suffer? So if you manage to run them all without being flagged you could potentially increase to 15-20?

Hi @Bobstify and welcome to the forum

I had a few accounts running sucessfully for a while on datacentre proxies with minimal or no issues.
Growing new accounts is much harder, but with good mobile proxies you will be on the right track.
I would keep your existing accounts on separate proxies to new ones you are trying to grow, just for safety.
RAW mobile proxies are great but you can still damage the main accounts trying to grow new ones if things go wrong. As @HenryCooper said, ‘one account - one proxy’ until you have everything 100% stable.

Best of luck!


I’ve seen people running around 20 without issues, of course getting the odd PV (who doesn’t!) good luck and update us with your results

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Awesome, thanks for the advice. So the main risk in raw mobile is that if the ip gets flagged it will hurt all the accounts?

Some people also run half their accounts 0-12 and the other half 12-24, is this to limit the amount of actions coming from the ip?

Running accounts 1/2 am and 1/2 pm allows you to run more accounts on one proxy, nothing to do with actions. The idea is that there are fewer accounts running actions at the same time from the same IP. The raw mobile proxies rotate IP addresses regularly so there should be no link between am and pm accounts.

Good strategy for growing new accounts that don’t need all day to F/U 500 people.

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I checked Henry’s proxies and I see a raw proxy comes for 20 a month and you can use unlimited accounts.

I’m kinda new to the raw-mobile proxies and I only used data center ones until today and will still do for a while.
My question is if someone can tell me how they actually work. Tried to look on the forum, but couldn’t find much. If you can send a link, maybe I didn’t look enough.

Thank you!