Adding stories manually while Jarvee is running

So as you quickly understand I am just getting into this but there is one thing I can’t find a proper answer to. First some quick context: I manage a company account where several people upload stories manually throughout the day to the account. I will be running f/u and likes on that account. I’m also reading everything I can find about warming up, using safe proxies etc, but:

Does adding stories manually on your phone while Jarvee is running put your account at risk? If I’ve understood things correctly the main risk would be Jarvee performing an action at the same time as someone adding a story?

Do people only add stories through Jarvee here?

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Hi Doozy,

It’s ok to post and add stories manually while Jarvee is working.
A wise precaution would be to have your Jarvee server or proxy in the same city as your client so you are not jumping countries or post codes on the account.
Don’t do the same actions in Jarvee and manually, i.e. don’t like, follow or unfollow in Jarvee and manually. This is likely to cause trouble.

Disclaimer: nothing with IG is 100%! Try the above with caution and monitor closely, you may have a different experience to me because of location, proxies, account history, etc, etc …

Hope that helps.


Exactly the info I was looking for.
Thank you very much!


I have been using accounts for years manually on my phone while its also running on a bot on my computer. There is no issue with doing that :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s great to hear! I contacted Jarvee customer support and they advised me against it, but I think they will advise against anything that isn’t 100% safe and can be done through their software. As always nothing is 100% but it seems it’ll be safe if I take precautions.

Is there anything specific you avoid doing, or any rules you’ve set for yourself in terms of manual actions? I’m curious to what people do when they have clients that wants to do something manual on their profile while it’s automating.

Well actually I think using your account manually on your phone actually improves the account and makes it stronger. All the scrolling through feeds, liking, tapping, scrolling through explore, viewing posts, all that manual stuff makes the account stronger (in my experience) While also botting it on the computer.

I usually avoid doing follow actions on the phone if im following on the bot too. But I like posts, post pics/videos etc. without any issues.

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