Admin deactivated = business page removed :(

Our small business KabobExpress dot com had its fb page hidden (facebook dot com/KabobExpress) because the admin was a placeholder account when we made it in 2013. At the time, ‘pages’ was a new concept and I thought I had to make a new profile. Now, Facebook deactivated the account thinking its a fake profile, however, the page also gets removed.

I’ve tried numerous links and help pages. It’s dead-end. Even when I ask for help in another department, they don’t redirect to the right team. What on earth do I do?

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Hey Tom,

I can help you with that with my Facebook Media Portal.
Can restore your page back to new ID within 48 hours.


I can help you restore your deactivated profile (if your account was created on your real details + if you remember the account D.O.B + access of the mail.

Please DM for more details.