Admit it. We're all secretly automating just to get chicks


I use Jarvee to automate actions for friends and client pages I want to engage on. I avoid the comments but the tool is a godsend could def work for automating tasks to pick up girls :joy:


Nice one, I assume results will be in the favor of the 30K one


probably yeah, it will be interesting to see what happens when the account 1 with low followers will have a good looking guy while the second one with 30k follower an average guy.


But these titles are really subjective. You need the same guy on both


Yeah I can imagine a big difference for sure, but just how big i going to be interesting, keep up up to date on that! I’m wondering what’ll happen when my personal page hits 100k, it’ll definitely change things for sure but I don’t want to date narcissists.


@316Interactive hahah read this bro. No more swiping :joy:


that’s sick, how large was your personal acc though?


That’s hilarious, it just shows the power of social media and it’s effects on human relationships.


Well, better than dating sites I guess haha :rofl:


Whenever playing tinder I was wishing there was something that could automate the small talk to the point there ready to come my place so I can fuck their brains out.



"I spent all my life building this trillion dollar company, doing great projects in third world countries, traveled to the moon and dated supermodels. Just to get the attention of this one girl!

I tried to slide into her DMs but she left me on seen. All was worthless…"


Damn. Send her a pic of the money… that might spark her interest :wink:


you need a great spyntax!


Lol this conversation is amazing, all for Tinder :joy:

Wonder how you could take this to the next level?

Maybe add filters so that you only get hot girls, like at least 100 likes per last 3 pics, then have profiled child accounts with like 5K fake followers and random comments from ‘hot girls’ on every pic, all sending out 40 dms per day (or now probably 20 with the new update) but hey let’s say 5 of those accounts, you’d get like 50 leads into the funnel per day.

Then pick and choose. Testers? lol


Oh man you’re on to something, this is next level. Luckily we have the brightest IG marketing minds on the planet here so if we put our heads together we can figure out how to scrape for hot girls.


What a way to use the collective potential of this group :sweat_smile:


lol oboy everyday i learn a lot :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hahaha that is amazing :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



Pretty good idea :joy: